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We are also offering these X-Grain Items………

The document Fairport_Baseball_X-Grain_Clothing_Order_Form.pdf was attached to this post.

Order form for your Fairport Baseball Clothing!

The document Fairport_Baseball_Clothing_Order_Form_.pdf was attached to this post.

Dear Fairport Baseball Families and Supporters,
The actual season is less than one month away for most teams.

In the past, we have made off-field baseball apparel available for purchase at Meet The Team Meetings which means that we don’t get the gear until half of our games are over.
This year the Booster Club is going to give everyone a chance to have off-field baseball apparel BEFORE THE FIRST GAME!
Additionally, we have added new items that we believe will be very popular.
Orders will be delivered during the last week in March, before Spring Break and in time to fill Easter Baskets.
NOTE: This is the first time we are dealing with these suppliers that are offering this early deal and we are told that we need to meet minimum quantities for some items.
Therefore there is a small chance that we cannot order some items when we tally all the orders. We are confident that this will not happen, but we will advise you if it does.

In order to accomplish this, we need your order and payment by Feb 20.

Attached you will find three documents:
• Fairport Baseball Clothing Options Sheet which describes all of the apparel, sizes and prices that you can select from.
• Fairport Baseball Clothing Order Form where you list all of the items you want to order and tally your payment.
• Fairport Baseball X-Grain Clothing Order Form which describes items we get from another supplier and allows you to indicate your order selections.
NOTE: X-Grain items have a longer leadtime so we cannot promise delivery by the end of March, although we will push hard to get them.

In order to accomplish this, we need your order and payment by Feb 20.

Once you make your selections and write your check payable to Fairport Baseball Booster Club, please send with order forms to Jen Gaudioso in one of four ways.
1. Mail it to her at 25 Packet Boat Drive (remember that we need it by next Tuesday 20th, so it should be mailed by Saturday Feb 17th.
2. Drop it in her mailbox.
3. Scan order forms and email to her at, while putting check in mail or dropping off per above.
4. Bring to Pinnacle on Sunday Feb 18 as she will be there for the latter part of the session, approx. 8:40am til 9am.

In order to accomplish this, we need your order and payment by Feb 20.

Again, we wanted to try something different this year and give all of you a chance to get gear BEFORE the season.
Further, by allowing this “electronic file” we hope you might send the form to grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to buy stuff as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Jen at 585-755-2366 or email at or me at 585-465-1116.

In order to accomplish this, we need your order and payment by Feb 20.

Lastly, we will re-open the ordering window at the Meet The Team nights as well, so there will be a chance to place an order at that time.
Those orders will be delivered probably early-May.

The document Fairport_Baseball_Clothing_Options_Sheet.pdf was attached to this post.

Register now for this popular event! Refer to the registration form for more information.

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